anti collision device for mine equipments

With mining legislation changing around the world, Proximity Detection (PDS) and Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) are fast becoming control measures for safety in mobile machinery. These controls are in response to hazards caused by the quantity, shape and visibility characteristics of ever-growing mobile mining plant and support equipment.

Collision avoidance in mines is an important concern for mine operators with the US Mine Safety and Health Administration reporting that of the 24 fatalities recorded at the country's mines this year, seven have involved a collision between a worker and vehicle or piece of machinery.

OBJECT DETECTION: PREVENTING HEAVY-TO-HEAVY COLLISIONS. When multiple mining trucks operate in the same area, space can fill up pretty quickly. With such large vehicles sharing a full road, collision avoidance systems are a crucial part of mining safety.

An Anti Two Block Warning System is an integral safety device for your crane. The system helps prevent the crane operator from having a two-block accident. This is where the crane's hook block is raised to a height where it comes into contact with the boom tip.

The utility model relates to the technical field of engineering machinery, and discloses an anti-collision control system of a boom, a stacker, a reclaimer and a stacker-reclaimer. The anti-collision control system of the boom comprises at least one collision detecting device, a control device and a boom control mechanism. Each collision detecting device comprises a flexible hanging component ...

Anti Sleep Alarm MR688 also focuses on the distraction driving detection. When a driver looks around or not concentrates on the road, MR688 will provide alarm to remind the driver. Over Speed Alarm. Customer can set over speed value to Driver Alert System MR688. When over speed driving is detected, MR688 will provide warning alarm.

Booyco Electronics is a South African-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mine safety equipment. With a strong reputation for producing reliable, quality equipment that ensures your team gets home safely, our primary focus is Proximity Detection Systems (PDS), sometimes known as collision warning systems, that offer vehicle-to-vehicle as well as vehicle-to-pedestrian detection.

The application of this anti-collision device has been refined to not only prevent midsection collisions but also to prevent their occurrences in station yards. The newly engineered solution is integrated with the signalling systems, interlocking to react appropriately in case collision-like conditions are perceived at the time of reception and ...

Feb 17, 2015· GIGASENSE® is a fail-safe anti-collision system / collision avoidance system for track bound cranes (EOT) or similar equipment in tough industrial environment. The GIGASENSE anti-collision system ...

Comprehensive Anti Collision system for open pit mine dumpers and other equipments using inter vehicular wireless communication and real time accurate positioning syste. Haul SNS also provides total mine management solution for improved production management and safety of the operator in difficult mining environment.

Mar 13, 2012· Collision avoidance: the best ways to not crash. AIS Automatic Identification System (AIS) places a triangle icon on a dedicated screen, or right on most current chart-plotter displays, when an AIS-equipped vessel is in your area. This reveals the exact position, speed, heading and much more, and can predict whether a boat or ship broadcasting AIS information will become a potential threat.

ELOprotect is a self-actuating laser scanner anti-collision system for safety and more throughput in very narrow aisles. The mobile personnel protection system is an automatically operating safety device for protecting personnel when industrial trucks are being used in narrow aisles.

Feb 11, 2018· The most common approaches to an intersection or blind corner safety include the use of mirrors and the practice of stopping in conjunction with the honking of horns before proceeding onward. At a design level, modern facilities now have separate doors for personnel and material handling equipment to reduce the risk of collision.

Anti Collision System - The EOT Crane Anti collision sensor system is a safety device to avoid to collision of two electric overhead travelling cranes working on the same rails. Each set consists of an Emitter/sensor module and a Reflector.

The DS-30A-1 DJI Drone Strobe is a full hemisphere anti collision strobe. It operates best on lithium batteries between 4 and 16 Volts. UNLIKE ALL OTHER STROBES you only need one DS-30A-1 DJI Drone Strobe to be highly visible from all angles.

MSHA and the mining industry have worked together to develop potentially life-saving technology that can stop machine motion and/or send a warning signal to the machine operator when it detects a person or object in the machine's path. Mine operators are increasingly installing these proximity detection systems on mining equipment in surface and underground mines to prevent

Aug 23, 2019· Anti-collision solution - Aug 23, 2019-Forklift anti-collision warning system is based on the precise distance measurement within different vehicles to avoid accidents .The solution adopts ultra-wideband techonology to prevent the forklifts collision with other forklift or workers within a working area.It helps to impreove safety management and productivity.

Forward Collision Warning and More – With Rick & Scout Blind Spot Warning Systems - New Car Features with Rick & Scout Push Button Start – With Rick & Scout Back-up Camera and More - With Rick & Scout Adaptive Cruise Control - With Rick & Scout Anti-Lock Braking System - With Rick & Scout Combined Sound Bites & B-Roll (TRT: 10:12)

SAFEMine™ is a compact traffic alert and collision avoidance system, suitable for all types of vehicles in open-pit mines. It warns with audio and visual indications of possible collisions and supports the driver by improving his traffic awareness.

40 The potential of AIS as an assistance for anti-collision device is recognized and AIS may be recommended as such a device in due time. 41 Nevertheless, AIS information may merely be used to ...

HazardAvert field generators installed on equipment create electromagnetic marker zones around the equipment and are designated as 'warning' and 'hazard' zones. The zones are sized and shaped according to individual mine requirements. Individuals wear a personal-alarm device (PAD) that detects these marker zones.

The Sofamel SPD Anti collision Devices are equipped with double fixing spirals and are made of highly visible orange PVC material. They are designed to …

Crane Anti-Collision systems can be set up to slow down and stop overhead cranes when traveling towards another crane or structure. These devices not only used to protect the expensive material handling equipment in your plant, but it also protects your operators.

Jun 26, 2019· While cameras are the simplest fix, more advanced collision-warning systems using radar, GPS or other tools have been developed to scan areas around operating heavy equipment. Proximity-detection systems, for example, can be modified to sound an alarm or automatically apply the brakes if they sense an impending collision.

Nov 26, 2018· The US Mine Safety and Health Administration reports that of the 24 fatalities recorded at the country's mines this year, seven have involved a collision between a worker and vehicle or piece of machinery. ... The basis of most collision avoidance solutions is an effective tracking system, which can monitor the positions of workers and pieces ...

anti collision device for mine equipments [ 4.9 - 3655 Ratings ] The Gulin product line, consisting of more than 30 machines, sets the standard for our industry. We plan to help you meet your needs with our equipment, with our distribution and product support system, and …

The purpose of this thesis is to design a anti-collision equipment which can be fixed on the rear beam of the truck chassis in order to avoid cars crash into the tail of the truck. During the design process, the main problem arises as we intend to make the anti-collision device to absorb the energy piecewise. When the crash is at low speed, the ...