properties and composition of hypo sludge

industry. Hypo sludge contains calcium and calcium chloride and minimum amount of silica. Hypo sludge behaves like cement because of high content of CaO and CaCl 2 and considerable presence of SiO and MgO. This silica and magnesium improve the strength and setting of concrete. Table 4- properties of hypo sludge Property Result 1.

Establishing sludge properties is a fundamental requirement when selecting the treatment method that can be applied to that sludge and when forecasting the efficiency of the machines to be used. Table 71 puts forward a classification of the different types of sludge according to their origin and their composition.

Hypo sludge behaves like cement because of silica and magnesium properties. This hypo sludge contains, low calcium and maximum calcium chloride and minimum amount of silica. Concrete, is most widely used man made construction material and is the largest production of all the materials used in construction industry.

While comparing the constituents of cement and hypo-sludge, Hypo-sludge is produced in a large amount as a byproduct of paper industry and used in concrete production as partial replacement of cement. It contains low calcium and minimum amount of silica due to the presence of silica and magnesium properties and behaves like cement.

May 25, 2019· The properties of sludge, such as the surface area, particle size and chemical composition, are among the most important factors determining the possibility of its use as an effective adsorbent for removing a number of pollutants from water and wastewater .

conditions for transforming paper de-inking sludge into pozzolanic [4]. They dry hypo sludge was burnt in an electric laboratory furnace from 6000C to 8000C for 2 and 5 hours. The resulting products were grounded and sieved to a particle size of under 45 ä I. The mineralogical composition by X-

2 | Composition of Portland cement with chemical composition and weight percentage | 3 | A table of admixtures and their functions | 4 | Properties of Raw Hypo Sludge | 5 | Properties of Hypo Sludge as Cement Ingredient | 6 | Comparison of Cement and Hypo Sludge | …

Dried sludge can be converted into artificial lightweight aggregates, slags or bricks for the construction industry. Different properties and destinations for these materials depend on different process variables and operating conditions. As of the use of dewatered sludge, the production of Portland cement injecting the sludge directly

Table 1: Physical Properties of lithomargic soil Hypo sludge Hypo sludge is collected from Mysuru paper mill industry. 1.54 0 Water content (%) Figure 2: Hypo sludge Properties of Hypo sludge Table 2: Physical properties of hypo sludge Color Table 3: Chemical properties of hypo sludge Results and Discussion Standard Procter Test

This hypo sludge contains low calcium and maximum calcium chloride and minimum amount of silica. Hypo sludge behaves like cement because of silica and magnesium properties. So Hypo sludge may be used as partially replacement of cement. So we can use Hypo sludge as a partial replacement of cement in pervious concrete.

Hypo sludge contains, low calcium and maximum calcium chloride and minimum amount of silica. Hypo sludge behaves like cement become of silica and magnesium properties. This silica and magnesium improve the setting of the concrete. Page 2 This paper mill sludge consumes a large percentage of local landfill space for each and every year.

Paper sludge is currently in use as an alternative fuel. In the present study paper sludge ash are collected from Mangalore Paper mills Ltd., Kenya, Talapady, Mangalore.physical and chemical properties of Paper sludge ash in given in Table 1. Figure3.1. Paper Sludge Ash Table1. Physical and Chemical Properties of Paper Sludge Ash

Hypo sludge (paper industry waste) has a tremendous potential in this context and it is well documented that the use of hypo sludge in concrete results in a significant improvement is the rheological prosperities. The aim of this project is to determine the optimum percentage (7.5%, 10%, 12.5% and 15%) of Hypo sludge as as a

Chemical composition and kinetic properties of granular methanogenic sludge grown on propionate. Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering, 72(5): 405-407. [2] Zafar I. B., Kenji F., Masanori F., 1998. Comparative composition and characteristics of methanogenic granular sludges treating industrial wastes under different conditions.

The characteristics of sludge produced in various sewage treatment processes are as indicated below: (i) Sludge from Primary Settling Tanks: Sludge from primary settling tanks is usually gray-coloured, slimy (or sticky) slurry of settleable solids accounting for about 50 …

Hypo sludge was used to replace cement. They concluded that 30% replacement of cement with Hypo sludge yielded best results. Zala L B and Umrigar F S investigated the mechanical properties of concrete with hypo sludge as a replacement material for cement. They concluded that 10% replacement of cement with hypo sludge gave highest flexural strength.

Jun 15, 2015· This technical note is recapitulation of the work carried out by researchers round the globe on characterization of waste paper sludge based on physical, chemical and mineralogical properties, activation mechanisms, pozzolanic reactivity, reaction kinematics and durability; for its possible utilization in construction industry as supplementary cementitious material, mineral admixture, partial ...

Table 1: Properties of Raw Hypo Sludge Sr. No Constituent Cement (%) Hypo Sludge (%) 1 Lime (CaO) 62 46.2 2 Silica(SiO 2) 22 9 3 Alumina 5 3.6 4 Magnesium 1 3.33 5 Calcium Sulphate 4 4.05 Table 2: Comparison of Cement and Hypo Sludge Following conclusion can be drawn from the results of chemical analyses of cement and hypo‐sludge.[7] ...

Aug 01, 2018· Table 1. Typical physical properties of hypo sludge Property Value Gradation (75% passing) Maximum particle size Specific surface (cm2/g) Specific gravity 0.030mm (no. 450 sieve) 0.300mm (no. 50 sieve) 4600–14000 2.7–2.9 Table 2. Typical chemical composition of hypo sludge.

This paper deals with inclusion of hypo sludge (HS) and waste foundry sand (WFS) in concrete. M20 grade of concrete with 0.4 w/c ratio was used. About 6 mixes with 5% HS was kept constant and WFS varied with 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% were prepared. Strength properties were determined by compressive strength at 7 days and 28 days.

Composition and Properties of Petroleum Sludge Produced at the Refineries 259 Table 3 Carbon group composition of the sludge organic matter Index values Index PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 Content of paraffin-naphthene hydrocarbons 18.2 17.4 17.8 19.2 22.3 Content of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 22.8 20.5 21.7 18.4 15.2

The sludge volume is an indirect measure of the amount of suspended substances in the sludge, and is used to describe the sedimentation properties of the sludge in the sedimentation basin. Back in 1934 it was, however, realized that the use of an Imhoff cone was not entirely without problems, since the sludge is excessively compressed in the ...

paper mill sludge consumes a large percentage of local land fill space for each and every year. Fig – 1: Hypo Sludge Table -1: Chemical properties of Hypo Sludge Sr. No. Constituents % 1. Lime 49 2. Silica 5.5 3. Alumina 2 4. Magnesium 1.6 5 Sodium oxide 1.6 6. Potassium oxide 1.6 The use of VMA gives more possibi 2.6 Fibres

Table 3 Chemical Properties of Hypo Sludge Chemical Properties Hypo-Sludge Silicon Dioxide(SiO 2) 5.28 % Calcium Oxide (CaO) 47.84 % Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 6.41 % Sulphur Trioxide 0.19 % Aluminium Oxide (Al 2 O 3) 0.09 % Ferric Oxide (Fe 2 O 3) 0.73 % Loss of Ignition 38.26 % 4. Mix Proportion Following mix has been prepared by mixing soil with ...

PROPERTIES OF SEWAGE SLUDGE RESULTED FROM URBAN WASTEWATER TREATMENT IN THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA A. SIURIS "Nicolae Dimo" Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection of Chisinau Keywords: sewage sludge, chemical composition, physical properties, heavy metals, admissible limit ...

The preliminary waste from paper industry is named as hypo sludge. In this study the material obtained from the paper industry waste (hypo sludge) is admixed with Portland cement at different replacement levels. The properties of concrete to be investigated include workability, setting time,